Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yohei Sushi Restaurant

Yep, I took a small hiatus from the blogosphere, but I'M BAAACK! And, I'm back with more sushi of course!

My BFF, Jen's mouth dropped when I admitted I hadn't been to Yohei yet. It was her mission to take me, and I did not complain.

As with all my sushi dining experiences, I always have a checklist I follow: atmosphere, quality of fish, cleanliness, parking, and of course, how friendly the Sushi Chef is! Ahem Ahem, Sasabune. Not that I have one of those crazy Sasabune horror stories to tell, but for me, it was a little uptight in there.

So, how does Yohei compare? Jen and I ordered the Omakase, while Jason showed up late and had his fair share of Saba and Maguro Nigiri. Amateur hour! I must admit that my Omakase was one of the best I've had. The fish was fresh, company was great, and Chef Dave was very talkative and friendly throughout. This is what I think sitting at the sushi bar is all about! Not to mention, parking was easy.

Jen and I paid about $130 for our Omakase, and walked out happy, full, campers. We even got to try some Eggplant Gelato! Interesting...

I highly recommend Yohei. If you remember, request their Uni/Amaebi/Shiso Nigiri. It's A MUST.

Persimmon Tempura!!!


Abalone with fried guts and all


Hotate with sea salt

Anago with Yuzu

Negitoro handroll

Chef Dave

Eggplant Gelato

An order of Maguro Natto going out! Had to snap a pic!

Oh you thought the 3 pics above were dessert? My kind of omakase ends with some fried Ankimo discs!! YUM.

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  1. Hmm... kaki tempura and maguro natto don... might have to go there one day...