Thursday, October 10, 2013


Watermelon Paleta

Cocina recently had their Grand Opening just last week, and boy was it a hit. Located in the old Whole Ox Deli in Kakaako, Cocina has become a popular haven for industry folk and foodies alike. For starters, I love the bright sky blue color that they've repainted the exterior with. They've kept the casual sit-down benches and the infamous chalkboard menu- all in very hip and modern taste.

Food-wise, when I first heard about Cocina opening, I was most excited for their Head Cheese Carnitas Tacos. Yes, you have to have an open mind about Head Cheese that's for sure, but you will not regret it. It was my favorite dish out of everything I ordered. I went for lunch, so I wasn't able to order any dinner items, all of which I wanted to order (cue the Shrimp Adobo, Pork Belly, and Short Ribs OMG). Anyway, I'll be back for dinner SOON. As for other lunch stuff, I ordered the Fried Avocado (which I hear is their number one selling item), The Perfect Egg, Horchata Bread Pudding for dessert, and Agua Fresca to sip on. I was also able to try some Paletas (homemade Latin American Ice Pop made from fresh fruit) on that hot, hot afternoon. Thanks to Rich for that!

The half Avocado was fried to perfection and layered with a hefty amount of their special "cole slaw." It had a nice, light flavor and the slaw "made" the dish. I could hardly finish it though! As for The Perfect Egg, it was definitely on the runnier, more raw side for me. It sat on top of "orange rice," mushrooms, slices of poblano peppers, some green avocado sauce, and queso fresco. It looked absolutely delectable and creamy, but lacked some serious flavor. It was bland, and under-seasoned. I can see this dish being a complete standout if it had a little more oomph to it.

To finish, I loved the Horchata Bread Pudding. A big chunk of fried bread with a slightly crunchy crust, but a tender inside and a horchata cream sauce on the side. Can you ask for anything more? Well, more cream sauce, please! This dessert, people, a must try. So damn lush!

Can't wait to hit up their dinner menu and also that Mexican Style Street Corn that I missed! 

I tell you, folks, this is going to be the new in-spot to get your Mexican food fix. Give it a try! Follow them on instagram for hours and other info @cocinahawaii. Enjoy!

Agua Fresca

Fried Avocado

Head Cheese Carnitas Tacos!

The Perfect Egg

Horchata Bread Pudding

Rich repping Cocina, ready to rip open those Paletas!

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