Monday, January 7, 2013

Home Away From Home- Kona, HI

I had the pleasure of taking a mini vacay to Kona for some golf and relaxation. I haven't golfed on the outer islands since high school, so I jumped at the chance. Of course, I had to buy a new golf travel bag since I threw away my old one, but that small problem paled in comparison to the amount of immense fun I was about to have!

A few friends of mine and I rented out a Villa at Waikoloa, played golf all day, and came back to BBQ almost every night. I usually visit Hilo (which is about 2 hours away from Kona), so it was nice to take in Kona living for 5 days. Talk about rest and relaxation. Kona is much, much different from Hilo. If you want more to do and a little bit of town, I would stick around Hilo. If you love to golf, relax, and spend some dollars on resort food, Kona is it! The courses in Kona are just breathtaking. Views you will never forget. And talk about the gorgeous vacation homes and rentals all along the Mauna Lani North and South courses!!! These are houses you can only dream about. All equipped with high ceilings, jacuzzi and Infinity pool. Did I mention most were vacant?! Imagine living there for a week!

I can't wait to visit again! I left with very fond memories. Until another time, Kona!

Next on the list? I would love to golf at Manele Bay and Koele on Lanai! Stay tuned for that. I'm going to make it happen in 2013!

Upgraded to a Tahoe for all of our golf bags and passengers!

First stop after landing in Kona, head to Pine Tree Cafe for some good eats! What everyone does after landing in KOA. What did I grind? Oxtail Stew, of course!

40 mph winds. CRAZY!

Par 3. Closest to the hole!

Lots of holes with water or lava!

Checking into our Villa!

Drinks and Pupus while we wait for everyone to arrive!

I introduced everyone to my favorite cheese, Boursin, and they loved it just as much as I do!

Dinner time! Steak, Teriyaki Beef, Chicken, Sausage, Ribs with RICE every night. Cereal or Steak&Eggs the next mornings!

Next day: Range Practice.

No. Words.

Last day in Kona. Pool time, finally. No sun.

And before you know it, vacation over. Back to the daily grind. Oahu.

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