Thursday, February 28, 2013

Christmas Red 2012

Yep, I know. It's February, almost March! Christmas was a looooong time ago. I'm still catching up on LOTS from 2012, so bear with me.

This outfit is from the night Chris and I went to eat at YuZu. Wearing red seemed very appropriate since it was just days before Christmas!

I had bought these Jeffrey Campbells from Ashbury Skies and had to have them. They are much like the JC Soiree (that everyone has), however they have a metallic silver toe strap and the lucite heel has a more pointy shape than the square Soiree heel. It's good to be different sometimes, ya know?

Awhile back, I also bought these Toi et Moi faux leather pants from Basique Threads, and knew it would look so good with the heels. Felt like a rockstar from the waist down! Btw, check out the ladder back top I bought from House of Aria paired with the coolest Top Secret mesh bra from Bamboo Sky!

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